Friday, July 1, 2011

Perks of Being Home.

Friends and gatherings.



This as our backyard.
This bed.

Fresh flowers.

This kitchen and all of its accessories for cooking and entertaining.

This guy (our roommate's dog) and his endless entertainment.

This Hammock.

This view out of our bedroom.

Fresh juice or frozen fruit puree.

Growing things.
Laundry facilities.

Delicious produce and ways to cook it.


Morning Smoothies


June was a BUSY month for us.  We got back from California...Tommy hit the training hard...more house to shower...friends visiting....and the list goes on.  It has been awesome to be home though.  We are headed off to Canada on Wednesday for 1 month and then back home again.  Woohoo!  This time of year is why we live in Estes Park, and it's a great place for Tommy to train and get ready for fall in Yosemite.  I love it too...amazing trails to run on and a plethora of things to do, along with great people to spend time with.  Here is a quick picture review of our last month!

Tommy training.  Nice muscles.  :)
Grandpa and Grandma's place...I love it.

Headed down for a boat ride.
The boat ride.

Great grandma is lookin' good!  Almost 96!!!

Our super sweet rental ride.
Bike ride around Lake Koronis in MN.

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower

Some of the Ladies of Estes Park

Some of the Estes Park Men.

Alpine start for bouldering.

Still SO much snow in the park!!!

TC bouldering.

These guys come around and hang out in our yard.
More house projects...laying slate.

TC grouting.

An early morning drive in the park.

Bike ride up to Many Parks Curve.

One of my favorite additions to the kitchen...our juicer.

Thunder and lightning.

Kelly Cordes comes over to get a touch up on the stripes.

Mumford and Sons.

Our one year anniversary.  We got that bottle of wine in South Africa 2 years ago and thought we'd save it for a special occasion.  And the top of our cake...SO delicious!!!

Ray LaMontagne concert at Red Rocks for our anniversary.


Mini golfing...$3 for 19 holes..."A nice place for nice people".  Doesn't get better than that.

Decorating the tarp for the teepee. 
Erecting the teepee.

Tour of the kid friendly mountain lakes.

Friends visiting means we get to do fun stuff we normally wouldn't do!
Beautiful fresh flowers!