Monday, March 2, 2015

Enjoying the Snow

A few weeks back I realized that we hadn't taken Fitz downhill skiing in the backcountry at all.  We've gone on tours in RMNP with Fitz in the Chariot, but we hadn't given him the chance to experience what it's like to make turns in the white stuff while going "fast".  Since arriving home from the Dawn Wall life has been hectic.  For over two weeks straight Tommy had back-to-back scheduled phone calls - either interviews or meetings about something.  I spent most of the business days helping him manage his schedule and incoming messages.  We were working real office jobs.  We are fortunate that most of our life is spent getting outside and breathing in the fresh air.  For a little bit there, we really struggled with getting on top of the massive weight of messages and requests coming our way.  Tommy's sanity usually depends on days outside and we were both feeling stir crazy.  Not to mention Fitz.  Estes has had a pretty good little winter the past couple of weeks, and getting out in it has been the perfect way to balance everything out.  

Estes is typically a windy place and the best way to deal with the wind is to get out to Hidden Valley or somewhere else in the park and get into the trees and skin uphill.  Hidden Valley used to be a ski resort when Tommy was younger.  Back in the day Estes wouldn't have school on Wednesdays in the winter and there would be a bus to bring kids to the resort in the park (according to Tommy's memory).  Since then they have removed all of the lifts and now it's an amazing place to go alpine touring.  On weekends with fresh powder the parking lot fills up and there are tons of psyched people enjoying the mountains and the workout.  

Last spring we traveled a TON and weren't home very much to enjoy the skiing in the park.  It's been really fun getting back to it and showing Fitz the ropes.  The way he squeals with joy when we go down and says "I want more" when we're done brings a big smile to my and Tommy's face.  It gets me really excited for the day he skins up himself and gets to enjoy all of his hard work as he carves perfect lines in the fresh powder on his way down!!

Fitz and Tommy making their way up, up, up!

So psyched to be out!

Fitz trying out some skis at home.


Rallied with Fitz this morning to enjoy the fresh stuff!  Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it down very gracefully but we survived and it was a ton of fun!  

Apres ski fort building with the Zehrs!

Not sure if the kiddos had more fun or the parents.  Pretty sweet fort with snowmen guards.