Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picture Update!

Here are the picture updates that didn't work yesterday.  Today we made it safely to Buenos Aires where we met up with Jay and Kaci and then flew to El Calafate.  We decided to check out Buenos Aires during our 6 hour layover this afternoon and while eating at a cafe I got my purse stolen!!!  No bueno!  It was on the chair I was sitting in, and some how while Susan was facing me and Tommy was next to me the whole time someone grabbed my purse without any of us noticing!!  I thought I was pretty good with cities, but might need some getting used to again.  Luckily a bit before we stopped at the cafe I handed over all of my credit cards, passport and driver's license to Tommy to keep close to him in his wallet, and I had taken my phone out of my purse, so all in all I just lost my insurance card, AAA card and $45....and my favorite purse and wallet, but these things can be replaced.  I'm happy to be back in the mountains where it's a bit more quiet!  El Chalten tomorrow!!

putting the turkey in the oven!

my handsome husband.
the final product!

house remodeling!

more remodeling!
Climbing gear!!
charging station...getting packed for Patagonia!

TC packing up in the dungy basement.

just 3 of our bags for traveling...lots of luggage!


  1. your basement isn't dungy! i think ya'll's basement is super cool.

  2. 'Life With The Caldwell's''

    GUYS, there should be no apostrophe after
    Caldwell. Apostrophes are used as such only in the possessive i.e, 'Caldwell's book' which is singular.

  3. Look at you wifey with the turkey! Hope you're having a great trip despite the stolen purse! : )

  4. house remodelling.. I can't decide if I should say

    A) gratious product placement


    B) Are you sure he should be working with powertools? ;)

    All kidding aside, fantastic blog guys!

  5. I was going to say that the headlamp does not make the use of power tools safer, though things happen a lot slower with a jigsaw.

    At least you have a basement, "dungy" or not.