Sunday, February 13, 2011

Almost Finished!!

The kitchen has come a LONNNGGG way from the last photos I posted.  It is looking better than I thought, and I'm really excited.  We are just waiting on hardware for the cabinets, countertops (our friend is making concrete countertops for us), and we need to do the flooring. It's amazing how a few items make the kitchen look really nice....almost too nice for us!  I am excited though, and really enjoying having the house mostly back together!  Yay!


Some cabinets in.

Installing this hood was a nightmare!!  We had to get one though because we didn't want to do cabinets and a microwave on this wall in an effort to keep things open between the kitchen and living room.  It works though!

Mostly final product...just need different flooring, countertops, and cabinet hardware!  I love that we switched from an electric range to a gas range too.  Definitely prefer that for cooking.
A glimpse at the living room....more work to be done there at some point!!  

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