Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Concrete Countertops

Here's a few photos of the kitchen with the countertops.  We had our friend Justin make them out of concrete for us.  I think they look awesome, love them and they were about half the price of granite and most other stone options.  They were heavier than heavy though...2 inches thick and some big slabs.  Tommy and Justin were able to lift most of the pieces with a lot of straining, and had help from our friend Steve on the biggest slab.  Now all we have left is to tile the floors with slate my parents gave us that was leftover from their house.


  1. Love the countertops.
    As a builder and a climber, I love all the work you all do!

  2. Tommy,
    I've seen hundreds of times the Dosage videos and other films, and as a climber I can tell you are awesome and as life style also.
    Some months ago I found this blog when you were preparing for the El Cap climb, and the pictures are really amazing.
    Becca and Tommy thank you for the blog.
    Take care.

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