Monday, April 18, 2011


Tommy and I went to Nashville to visit friends at the end of last month and also made our way to The Red River Gorge.  I was excited to go sport climbing as I have never really gone on a sport climbing trip....and of course eat awesome food at Miguel's!  We were there for just under a week and can't wait to head back again some day.  Tommy worked hard on Lucifer (5.14c) but the trip ended without the send.  We both enjoyed ourselves on a handful of other climbs; my favorite definitely being a super classic 5.11a at Drive By Crag....I am unsure of the name off the top of my head, but it was beautiful!  We made it back to Colorado for a few gorgeous days and then some wintery days best spent in RMNP on skis!

Tommy is headed on up to Alaska right now with a wild and crazy bunch of guys and I made my way back to St. Louis to catch up with friends from college.  We are going to rendezvous in California on the 30th and head to El Cap where Tommy and Kevin are going to put in some time on the crux pitches of their project.  After that we will celebrate my birthday and then conditions permitting I'm going to give the Salathe a go!!!!!  YIKES!!  It's coming quickly, and I'd say I'm gonna pretty far from freeing it, but I'm psyched to see Tommy in action and have some of my own up there!  Should be a good and challenging time.

A highlight in Nashville...Tommy getting to mow lawn for his first time on this fancy thing!!

I got to drive on the driveway, but didn't drop the blade.  Speedy thing!!

Staying warm by the fire in Kentucky on our rainy rest day.

Kaannnn tuckeeee.

Tommy on Lucifer.

That's my husband.


Not only a climber, but a magician!

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