Monday, May 9, 2011

The Valley

Tommy and I headed up for our intended push up the Salathe the day after getting in the Valley.  There weren't any ropes fixed up to Heart Ledges, which meant we needed to haul up the Freeblast (the first 11 pitches of the route).  When we did this climb 2 years ago (my second multipitch climb over 3 pitches) it took us maybe 5 hours?  With hauling and both free climbing, it over doubled our time to 12 hours.  We decided to camp on Mammoth Terraces and get going the next day.  We had a leisurely morning and after some debating and thinking about what the day would look like with the heat and having to haul up to El Cap spire, we decided that this go would just be a hauling mission.  There were some fixed lines up to the top of the Hollow Flake and so we jugged and hauled our gear to that point and stashed it so we could come back after the weekend.

My mom came in for the weekend for my birthday and for Mother's Day.  We got to do fun things around the Valley like hike up The Mist Trail, have a nice dinner at Yosemite Lodge, take her climbing at Swan Slabs (her first real outdoor climbing and mine and Tommy's first time at the slabs), we did a trail run and some more climbing.  It was a nice relaxing weekend and it's always fun to share the Valley with someone.

Tommy and I are taking a rest day today in the rain and hoping there are fixed lines up to Heart Ledges now (we think we saw some when we were at Pine Line yesterday) to haul up a little extra food, and then tomorrow our goal is to wake up early and free climb all the way to El Cap Spire (20 pitches up)!!  This is going to be a HUGE day for me, but I'm excited to be able to just go for it and not spend most of the day hauling.  I realize the appeal now of going light and fast.  Brilliant.  Wish me luck.

Curry Lounge's wifi is slower than a snail - photos to come later!

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