Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sharing the adventures

“I’m not scared, this is totally safe” Fynn whispers to himself over and over, We are nine hundred feet up the dark imposing face. Or at least it must look that way to my partner for today, Fynn Sagar…… who is nine years old. His dad Nick and I had concocted this plan the day before while climbing a three pitch 5.7 called White Whale. It was Fynns first multupitch climb and he wind sprinted up the pitches while my arms filled with lactic acid trying to whip rope through the belay. “We’ve got to get this kid on something bigger.” I said. Nick smiled, we looked across the Estes valley to Hallet Peak and the plan was set. I don’t remember if we even gave Fynn a say in the whole thing.

I love to share the adventure and experience in the mountains with my peers. I see there eyes brighten as they tell the stories of long days, thunderstorms and how the persevered and got to the top. It’s what I know, and maybe also my way of sharing this incredible life. Last week was a great reminder of all those thing.

Between these climbs I made trips up to Cayoss Canyon for bouldering. I bit of trail running with my lovely wife, and the occasional cross fit workout. All that mixed in with the frantic packing and preparing for our trip to china.

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