Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So...because married to the man I am married to...because he has El Cap dialed....because I am turning 25 in May (quarter of a century..heyy)...and just because I want to, I have set a lofty goal for myself.  My big bad birthday goal this year is to "mostly free" a route on El Capitan.  Currently Tommy and I have decided on the Salathe, but it's not 100% decided.  When I say "mostly free", I mean free climb as much as I can, and if I need to, I will pull on gear.  Depending on where my climbing abilities are at that time, if I need to I will have foot sling things and jumars, but I'd rather avoid using the jumars if possible.  I have been avoiding writing about this because I knew if I posted it that I was committed.  :)  I know it's going to be really physically and emotionally demanding to accomplish, but I'm really excited to work hard toward the goal!!!  It's also going to be fun to see another side of El Capitan, and since I have the wall logistics relatively well worked out, why not try to climb?!  I've been getting a lot of great advice from other friends who have climbed, which even though Tommy is the master, he's also on his own level with things....so having input from "normal" people regarding the climb has been awesome...sobering, really.  I know I'm still a little ways out from May, but I feel like I'm still pretty far behind.  If anyone has any training tips or things to think about...I'm open!!

My general planning schedule is this:
Currently - focus on power via bouldering.  Mid February = trip to Hueco Tanks.
After Hueco - focus on endurance.  Route climbing wherever I can get it...in the gym, but outside as much as possible.  Late March = trip to Red River Gorge, and sometime a trip to Indian Creek.
April - Phase in to long days of multi-sports.  Run/bike/routes/boulder/weights...whatever.  Wear myself out!!

May 6th is my birthday and at some point during that day we will be on the wall!!  I hope things work out!!!

Skinning up....great cardio!

Taking off the "skins" before heading back down.

TC kickin' up some snow.

Me, shredding down the slope.  Yeah braw!

"WU TANG!!!" - This one is for Hayden Kennedy!

"Training" at Tommy's parents' garage.

Trying to stay on the wall!

TC crushing as usual.  :)

My other little training gym!  I watch climbing movies to stay psyched while I cycle.  Ha.


  1. i am sure if TC says you can do it, then you can. don't listen to anyone who says you can't.

  2. Awesome Goal!!! I love the "training" picture

  3. Thank you sO much for post. You help keep a similar aspiration alive and well for myself... I am going to work myself into shape and climb Freerider on El Capitan. I found your schedule really beneficial and the pics are great ; )


  4. That is an awesome goal. I'll be in the red for most of the weekends in march. Only real climbing option for us in Indiana

  5. love all the new posts! good luck with your training. and as usual...katie belle is ready for you to play pink playdoh with her!

  6. Love hearing your voice out here, you're a fantastic source of inspiration!

    Personally, I've noticed that whenever I'm debating with myself whether to take on a big goal it usually means I'm going for it and just haven't admitted it yet. Telling a ton of people tends to help me commit to the task. Training is hard, starting training is harder ;-P

    also, I LOVE the training plan!

    -Austin Howell

  7. Becca,

    "as free as can be" is a very satisfying way to climb. I would like to free climb El Cap one of these days but if I can't quite get it, I'll be happy with the experience of trying.

    I'd train cardio just because and then I'd train just full on wrestler mode. You want to be really overall strong.

    Good luck

  8. Good luck Becca. You can do it and I am excited for you!!! If you want a female partner in crime for training, let me know. It is nice to climb with chics, ambition for long absurd days are hard to find (aside from the pros)!!! Wes and I intend on Yosemite in April!! We are in Phoenix for the winter as of now...come on down, if time allows, for some warm weather and tons of pitches!!! See you in the TANKS!