Friday, September 30, 2011

been a while...

As many of you have probably noticed I have been on a blogging hiatus.  Why?  I'm not sure.......busy-ness of life and house remodels and Tommy training for his project and me helping in whatever ways I can?  Yeah, probably all of those reasons.  However, as fall is approaching it's time to start things back up again.  What better than a catch up of what the Caldwells have been up to this summer.

A chunk of our summer was spent in wonderful Canada!  I have decided that I LOVE the summer.  Not only is it a beautiful place (at least where we have visited), but the people are just as beautiful.  I came back to the States wanting to be more like a Canadian.  It's very unpretentious and people are loving/jovial/accepting.  When Tommy and I were apart, we reunited with stories about how "nice" someone was...the guy in front of me in line at the grocery store...some person in the cafe.  Tommy did become like a Canadian in one aspect though..."EH".  :)  He was constantly finishing sentences with "eh?".  It was cute.  You should have heard him in South Africa after spending time with Aussies and was way worse than just "eh".  He's adaptable.

Cheers!  To great food, great company, and a great day! (with Ruedi)
The main reason we went to Canada was because of an invitation from our now friend, Ruedi Beglinger.  He told Tommy of climbing he has developed in an area where he guides in the Selkirk mountains just outside of Revelstoke.  It's a helicopter in only place and it blew our minds (ski guiding outfit in the winter that looks AMAZING for skiing)!  The hospitality, the company, the food, the beauty, and the climbing...Fantastic.  Ruedi and his delightful family were amazing hosts and really showed us a grand time in the Selkirks, along with Ruedi's friends who climbed with us - Urs Kallen and Dean.  We had some rainy weather, which I can't complain about it.  It was kind of amazing to be stuck in a "hut" on a glacier in the middle of the mountains with my husband.  I loved having all of the chaos of life removed and having the opportunity to spend real quality time with the person I love the most.
CHESS!  I finally learned to play...Tommy whooped me quite a few times and I quit chess....and then it haunted me as I laid down to sleep...the next day I out-checkmated him.  :)  We now own a chess board.
Rapping off the Concordia Pillar and over the bergschrund at the end of the day and 13 pitches of climbing.

The long, snowy approach so TC could bolt and send his new route, Copper Mine (5.13a).

The heli at the Durrand Glacier Chalet.

Getting dropped off at the Moloch hut!

TC on one of the routes he put up.
TC taping up at the Ore House for his new route and FA of Redlight District (5.14a).

Drying out at the Moloch Hut after a great morning/afternoon of climbing.  The Concordia Pillar in the background.

A surprise guest at the Durrand Glacier Chalet!
The time we weren't in the Selkirks we spent in Canmore, AB with Sonnie Trotter and a bit with his stunning wife, Lydia.  TC and Sonnie put up a rad first ascent on Mt. Louie and had a blast together.

Yay for Canada, eh!

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