Friday, September 30, 2011

more remodeling!!

Remodeling.  It's become our hobby when we're at home.  While we were in Canada, we had lots of time during rainy days to scheme up our next remodel project.  

I secretly like to sketch up interiors...I did this one night in Canada.  :)

Vaulting the living room ceiling seemed like it was going to be too involved to let Tommy train enough for his project, so we settled on making the entry way.  

The house consisted of a covered porch at the entrance, and then when you walked into the house you ended up in the living room.  

 We decided to enclose the porch, knock down a few walls, and entry way!  

Tommy, the supervisor and brains of construction.

Pink tool belt.  Found that in Canada.  One more point for Canada!

Patrick and his quadricep nailing in some brackets.

Ta-dahhh!  The entry way!

We also wanted to put in a wood burning stove to help with utility costs in the winters, and french doors out to a future deck.  The project ended up getting a little more involved than we thought, but we love it! 
And the sweet wood stove our friend Rodney refurbished.

Tommy was so excited to make this entry look cool and do all of the wood working.  He did AMAZING!
And we can't forget that the love of my life had his 33rd birthday this summer!!  These special people came to help celebrate!

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  1. Awesome work on the porch! Cool to get a glimpse the home and the life outside of climbing.