Sunday, January 22, 2012


Tommy and I were recently in Florida to visit family and friends.  We stayed at my grandparents place part of the time, and after waking up the first morning there I walked into the kitchen and found a bowl waiting for me with half a grapefruit sitting in it with all the citrus-y triangles cut by my grandma so they would come out easily.  Immediately I was brought back to childhood visits at my great-grandparents place in Florida.  The excitement of walking out with my great grandma to pick grapefruit off the tree next to their house was vivid in my memory.  She would always cut the grapefruit triangles to make it easier for me to eat and we would make fresh squeezed grapefruit juice together, too.  I never could quite figure out how she made it so delicious.

I never thought a simple, round, juicy piece of fruit could bring me back like that.  Maybe this just means I'm getting old, but I'm kind of looking forward to carrying on the tradition of grapefruit that my great grandma and my grandma have passed along unknowingly to me. 


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