Saturday, May 12, 2012

Key West

Well, I suppose it's an understatement to say it's been a while since my last post, BUT...I have good excuses:  we were on the road.

It seems like Tommy and I have been on the road since the beginning of 2012 (some might say the beginning of our marriage).  Thinking about it, I think it's accurate to say that we have spent more days of 2012 falling asleep in random beds than our own.  I'm finally getting a chance now to sift through pictures snapped along the way, so you can walk through our recent travels with me.

To confirm the craziness of the schedule, recently at the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale someone came up to me and said they wanted to hear about our travels and asked about our trip to "China or somewhere in Asia", and my response was, "Hmm...well, we were in Vegas for a bit, and we just got in from Europe the other night, but China...nooooo-oooh wait...Japan...yeah, that's right, we were in Japan".


Here's a few memories from the latter part of our trip to Florida in January.  

From L to R:  Adam, Bruce, Susan, Me, TC
We got to spend some sweet time with our friends, Susan and Bruce and Adam, in Key West.  Susan is an Estes Park-ian in her soul and Bruce used to live here, too.  Now they are living the beach life in Key West and Bruce is building his own catamaran (which is nearly ready to drop in the water and take for a ride), and Tommy is dying to make a sailing/climbing trip work out with Bruce.  And Adam...I don't know if words could ever do justice for Adam, but he is a longtime friend of Tommy's who apparently walked into the world of climbing, dominated, and then moved on.  Now he loves business start-ups and cougar hunting and guarantees us a sore belly from all the laughs when we are graced with his presence.


Captain Caldwell driving the sailboat on our wine tasting-sunset-boatride.  He did quite well.

Adam and Tommy
Catching the sunset.

This is normal.

TC climbing on anything and everything (Dry Tortugas National Park).  We had to take a boat ride here (90ish miles from Key West) was a rough boat ride and I lost my breakfast over the edge.  Ooops!

Awwwww.  Photo by Susan!

Some sweet band playing at the Green Parrot.  And yes, he is playing the Conch.


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