Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time to Load Up the Van

The clock is ticking.  I looked at a calendar today...something I can't say I do that often.  I was a little overwhelmed when I realized that we will be leaving our house for almost 2 months in just over 2 days.  Yikes!  There's so much to be done. packing...more cleaning, oh yeah, and taking care of Fitz!  All the chaos for the next few days will be worth it.  Once we close the van doors and start down the driveway in the dark on Saturday morning our schedule opens up and van life ensues.  It's probably some of my favorite time.  There's perfection in being on the road, passing your days outside under the trees with no distractions and with the family.  It really doesn't get much better than that.

Daddy and Fitz standing proud in front of The Captain.
Last year was Fitz's first season in Yosemite.  It was a short season due to the government shut-down and he was a little less mobile (just learning to sit up) so we're excited to really show him more of the place we love.  This year we'll have our bikes and Fitz's bike trailer along ("Bike rye, bike rye?!?"), he's on the move and likes to hike, he enjoys rocks and sticks, he gets really excited  when people do big bouldery moves ("Dyynoh!") or jump down from boulders ("WHOAAAA"!!), and another favorite thing is swinging in his harness ("Weeee" in a very high pitched voice).  I think the Valley could be one of his new favorite places.

I will be doing my best to keep updating the blog while we are in the Valley (internet isn't typically the best).  Hopefully we can share a little van tour, how we survived 20 hours of driving with an active toddler (if we make it), what Fitz gear we usually bring along for the crag/camping/etc, and of course some Dawn Wall updates!  So stay tuned.
Learning to sit on the Utah Salt Flats...
Uh Oh!
Helpin' mama with dinner.

How do you give a baby a bath in a van?  In a tiny tub on the countertop, of course. 
"Got you spotted Daddy!"
Chillin' with the big guys.
Cragging at the Knobby Wall.  Sonnie Trotter goes for the dyno.
As captioned in the Patagonia Kids Catalog "Fitz finds out he definitely is not allergic to nuts."  Chompin' on a #5.
Watching Daddy play around on Meltdown.  Who's gonna nab the second ascent?  Fitz??
Crag Baby!