Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Valley Update 01

We just arrived in Ventura, CA to the Patagonia Headquarters for a few days of meetings for Tommy and some sun and sand for Fitz and I.  It’s crazy to think we were roaming around the valley floor in Yosemite for 2 weeks before we got here.  The weather was perfect for Fitz and I during the day and evening temps were great for Tommy and Kevin on the Dawn Wall. It looks like the temps will have dropped when we return, which will be ideal for Tommy and Kevin’s day missions.  Tommy says he has been feeling great working through some of the crux pitches.  Not giving many redpoint burns yet, but getting reacquainted with those tiny holds and precarious movements.  I’m really excited to see what this season holds! 
Rest day bouldering (that's right...I said rest day).  Everyone captures the shot of Alex Honnold cruising.
 While the guys have been 1,200 feet up the wall Fitz and I have loved our time on the ground.  Our days have been filled with a lot of dirt, trucks, sticks, rocks, giggles, and exploring.  Yosemite really is a kid’s paradise.  I’ve gotten to get out bouldering a bit, too, which has been awesome.  The recent baby boom has been apparent amongst the big Valley boulders.  We’ve had days with up to 5 little boys milling about.  With all of the social time Fitz has figured out how to assert himself and decided that he doesn’t like when other kids take what he's playing with.  So begins the battle of sharing.  It’s been interesting to see him start to navigate the social scene.  He is a spunky, independent and determined little man.  I feel lucky I get to be a part of watching him grow and develop first hand.

Breakfast in Upper Pines

El Cap Story Time with Uncle Alex and Aunt Stacey.  Theo and Fitz are riveted.  

Rocks, Sticks and Trees, Oh my!

Boys in the boulders.

More friends!

Super Daddy!  Tommy giving 2 mamas a break and taking on the kiddos!  I'm one lucky lady.

Running wild in the woods!


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