Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 6 of the Dawn Wall

My phone rang just after 8:00pm and I wasn't sure if I was going to hear excitement on the other end of the line or frustration.  I said hello and held my breath.  It was still a little early for Tommy to be calling so what he told me completely surprised me.

"Kevin and I both just sent pitch 14!!!"  

I couldn't believe they had both already sent!  On top of this being the hardest pitch, Tommy blew out a fingertip and had to climb it taped and Kevin climbed it with 2 taped fingertips!!  I am totally blown away by these 2 right now.  Amazing.  The hardest pitch of the Dawn Wall is done, and in quite good time.  There are still 2 really hard pitches and a few hard ones to go, but this new Dawn Wall high point is definitely something to celebrate!

When I talked to Tommy he said they are planning on climbing tomorrow, so we will see what tomorrow holds.  Skin seems to be the weakest link of the push so far, so hopefully it'll hold up.

Keep on doing what you're doing people because your support is helping!  Thank you!!

Tommy crushing pitch 14 (5.14+) today.  Photo:  Brett Lowell  


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