Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Out of the Valley...

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks en route to Sacramento, drinking my first latte (a pumpkin spice latte to be exact) in a month. Why am I on my way to Sacramento? I'm picking up Lyndsay and Susan from the airport! Visitors....how we love visitors! Susan is going to be sticking around the Valley for a while and Lyndsay is coming for the week and is running the half marathon with me! Hopefully our legs are getting ready to go...the race is in 4 days!
It's so odd to be out of the Valley, driving the van at high speeds getting passed on both sides...yikes! I think I like our slower paced life...if you could call it that...or just the slow speed limits where we spend our time. I've become such a weeny of a driver...I used to be that girl zipping in and out searching for the fastest lane, and now I'm that big white van that everyone is trying hard to get by. I think I pulled over for like 7 cars on the 2 lane windy road heading out of the park. How does that happen?

Tommy and Kevin are working hard still on the climb...they got a couple of rest days due to rain, and are hitting it hard again with ideal temps (cold for me). Yesterday they worked from the ground through pitch 7 (1130am-930pm), and today they are focusing on pitches 8-11, which gets them to the start of the traverse pitches, the crux of the route. I can't even describe how hard these pitches look after being up there with them. Impressive. I hope they can pull it off!!

Here are some photos I promised earlier. If anyone knows how to post pictures onto blogger from an iphone, let me know!

Tommy swinging over to work on a section of the 2nd traverse pitch.

Hanging out on the ledge.

Tommy trying hard with my shadow under him.

Lyndsay. © Corey Rich

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