Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swinging around...

Here we are up on El Cap again. Enjoying the views and the peaceful days up in the sky! We have spent 2 nights and now Tommy and Kevin are working on some pitches on our way down. The wind is gusting very strongly, warning us a storm might be coming. Knowing these guys, if the storm is coming they will need to get nearly drenched with no possibility of anything sticking on this technical climbing before they think about heading down. I guess that's how they are so good at what they do! Tommy is swinging around on a huge fixed line checking out pitch 15 to see if there is any way around a tricky bouldering move and reacquainting himself with the sharp holds before he sacks up and tries putting the sequences together on lead in a little bit. After today they will probably climb around on the bottom of the route and then if the rain comes like the weather app says on our phone we will get out of the valley and load up on some grub.

So I don't think I can upload photos to the blog from my phone, so when we get some Internet service I will post some picture!

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