Wednesday, October 6, 2010


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Snow ShowerScattered T-StormsClear
Partly CloudySnow ShowerScattered T-StormsClear
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Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
If I would have copied and pasted this a few days earlier, it would read day after day after day of T-Storms, Chance of Precip: 100%!  Yikes!!  We are getting very excited for tomorrow night as the chance of precip is down to 0% finally and it says "CLEAR!!"!!  Hopefully this forecast will stay and following tomorrow night things are supposed to start looking up for us!  We are thinking of heading up the East Ledges of El Cap on Friday and staying on top/on the wall for a few days.  I might try to get some running in along the rim of the valley, rappel in and take some photos of the guys working on the upper pitches and then rap back down to where they will be setting up camp and spending a couple of nights in the portaledge.  We climbed again at Jailhouse this morning followed by time in civilization to run some errands and get a new sim card since Tommy dropped his phone off of El Cap already!  Despite the rain, Yosemite is still so breath-taking, and just being out of the Valley 2 days makes me excited to get back tonight!


  1. love the video. i hope it drys out soon!!

  2. Hey Becca and Tommy its good to see you guys are doing well. Sorry to hear about the rainy weather up that way. Hope it clears up and you two have a great and safe climb. Nice move on pooching the wifi from Starbucks!
    Take care love you guys