Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As Promised...

Well, I'm not even going to attempt the video since I'm back at Curry Lounge, but hopefully these pictures will work!  Photos taken by the wonderful Tommy Caldwell!

Getting ready to go!

Pushing hard to the finish!

Good run.

Today was rainy in the Valley with snow along the rim, so we just hung out in our jackets all day and enjoyed how beautiful everything is with the clouds looming.  Tommy and Kevin have one more day to work out pitches, followed by a rest day and then on the 13th it's go-time for the push!!!  I think I might be more nervous/excited than they are!!  Pray for the guys that they have the mental and physical strength that they will need to accomplish this feat and for safety!!  It's going to be a full-on battle up there.

Bedtime Tea to help warm up in the van.

Looming clouds over the Valley.  View from Inspiration Point.

Wonderful husband cooking a delicious breakfast for me while I freeze out in the cold  getting a time lapse thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, click...repeat.

Same view from Inspiration point after the clouds cleared a bit.

Tommy shaving his beard in the only mirror besides the rear-view mirror that we have!

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  1. Becca--your adventures are amazing!!! It is so fun to read! Hope all is well with you!