Friday, November 12, 2010

Night Before the Big Start...

Today Josh and Brett Lowell, from Big Up productions showed up in the Valley ready to head up the wall with Tommy and Kevin and catch the excitement.  Loads were hauled up the wall today to the first camp and most of the prep work was completed.  Right now we are out in Yosemite West, feasting on pasta, salad and wine.  The guys are enjoying their last night on the ground in a warm place, and soon we are heading back to the Valley to sleep and get an alpine start up the wall for the BIG PUSH!!  Tommy and Kevin are psyched to get going and excited for what's to come!!  Kevin took some time and made this topo of the route and marked the pitch difficulties and who is supposed to be on lead!  I will be doing my best to keep daily updates for all of you following.  I will be on ground crew tomorrow and cheering from the base, and might be heading up the day after.  Send good vibes to the guys!!!

Here's the topo.  And when I find internet tomorrow, I have a fun little surprise for all of you!


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