Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Six...

Tommy and Kevin actually took a proper rest day today.  Physical rest day that is...not quite a mental rest day due to the debate of what to do about the approaching storm.  Still no decision at this point that I've been informed of.  The plan for tomorrow is to wake up REALLY early and get some rock climbing in and make decisions as things happen; see how things pan out.  There has been a forum on Supertopo  with information related to their position on El Cap and the storm and what people are thinking with the weather/what they should do/experience/etc.  The guys have been checking this out to aid in making their decision.  This is getting pretty suspenseful.  Maybe there will be a miracle and the storm will completely dissipate?!  I hope so!


  1. congratulations for a nice blog.
    Caldwell my idol!!!

    greatings from Barcelona

  2. Regardless of what happens I hope Tommy and Kevin make the safe decision. Dawn wall isn't going anywhere and I don't think anyone else has the talent and fortitude to get the first ascent before them. Becca, thanks for keeping this up to date!

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  4. I think that no matter what happens, what they already had done is just great, is amazing, and give us motivation. I'm pretty sure that if they are forced to go down, it wouldn't stop them from another attempt with better conditions. They have too much passion about climbing that nothing will stop them. Respect to this giants, and thanks for all the motivation they are giving to me! Best wishes for all you guys
    Becca, great blog, thanks for share with us this milestone of climbing history!!!

  5. Don't fuck with Pacific storms. If you weren't attached, you'd make the right decision. You'll have another chance.

  6. I've never even led a 5.10 (clean) in my life and yet somehow I feel connected to these two; as if their struggle and commitment relates to me and every climber who pushes their own mental and physical limits, no matter the grade.

    And I can't imagine I'm alone in this...

  7. I know this has to be an excruciating decision to make; being shut down like that after putting in so much work is rough. I hope that the fellas make a good choice and are safe to climb another day.

    Thanks for the updates, keep 'em coming! - Sumo

  8. He who fights and runs way
    lives to fight another day...

  9. Tommy,

    If you need a place to get out of the snow for a day or two and dry things out and have a hot meal I have a nice house outside the south entrance to the park and would be happy to put you up. Post something back on here if you are interested.

    Rob S.