Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day Seven...

"We just rapped down, Baby.  We're on the ground."  Tommy informs me as I pick up his late phone call last night.

"Why are you on the ground?"  I reflexively respond, in a partially stern tone.  He laughs with surprise at my comment, and let me know they came down, were hauling loads and needed to get out of the storm.  He was going to be out of service for the night and we could chat tomorrow.

As some of you may have already heard, Tommy and Kevin had to call it last night and head off of El Cap, not completing their monster project in the "style" they had adopted (explained in Day One post).  The storm was coming in big, and there was high uncertainty of how long it would take to even be able to climb again, and other factors as well.  I have only gotten to talk to Tommy briefly about it, but he says he has peace with the decision and has not lost any psyche!  Now they have a great idea of what needs to be done for next season to ensure a send and they can take some time to enjoy life and relax a little.  It will be nice to be home for Thanksgiving and have some time to pack for Argentina...our next trip starting December 1st.

When Tommy gets home and winds down some, he will probably post something with a little more detail of the scenario and what happened.  The guys are really appreciative of the encouragement from everyone.  It was a great battle, but it's not done yet!!

A photo Tommy sent me on his iphone from this morning while packing up after the first wave of the storm.


  1. I'm glad Tommy and Kevin are safe on the ground. It's too bad the weather had to force them down, but it's always better to be safe. I hope they snapped some pictures up there though! I bet the storm looked amazing from their vantage point. I can't wait to see the footage Big Up got of the entire attempt.

  2. What a bummer!! I've been following the guys from behind my desk dreaming of being hidden deep in the Yosemite Mountains. Glad everyone is safe. Can't wait till the next push and Tommy's next slide show down at Climb Nashville!

    Peace From The Southeast!

  3. Maybe we need to have a Tommy and Becca float in the EP parade this Friday! Its been fun watching this climb from a far and hearing updates from your dad as well.